Diatribe Records


March 16-17th 2018
The Vortex, London


Éiríocht is a radical alternative to traditional celebrations for St. Patrick’s Weekend 2018. With curated performances by Ireland’s foremost record label for new sounds, presenting a wide-angle panorama of new Irish contemporary and improvised music, the festival features many of the leading figures on Ireland’s thriving sonic scene and is a significant opportunity to strengthen cultural interweaving between two neighbouring islands.


Lauren Kinsella (vocals) | Kit Downes (piano)

Adrian Dunbar’s ‘The Wasteland’ : Anna Nygh | Orla Charlton | Frank McCusker | Stanley Townsend (voices) | Nick Roth (saxophone) | Alex Bonney (trumpet, electronics) | Matthew Bourne (piano) | Riann Vosloo (double bass) | Simon Roth (drums)

Colm O’Hara (trombone) | David Lacey (percussion)

Sean Carpio (instruments)

DJackulate (turntables) 

Shane Latimer (guitar/electronics)

Izumi Kimura (piano) 

Benjamin Dwyer (prepared guitar)

Mick O’Shea (objects) | Irene Murphy (objects)

TRE : Francesco Turrisi (piano) | Nick Roth (saxophone) | Kate Ellis (cello)

Linda Buckley (voice, electronics)

Umbra : Chris Guifoyle (guitar) | Sam Comerford (saxophone) | Chris Engel (saxophone) | Barry Donohoe (bass) | Matthew Jacobson (drums

Laura Hyland (voice, guitar)

Keith Lindsay (modular synthesiser) | Olesya Zdorovetska (voice)



Supported by IMRO and Culture Ireland as part of GB18: Promoting Irish Arts in Britain